"Most portals compete on commerce, but VERY few can compete with us based on passion and the quality of the content. We are driven by service." - We are Asia Business Formation.

Asia Business Formation is a Asian-based business information project established in 2000. We are a professional content services provider of Asia company incorporation, foreign company registration, Asia relocation and related corporate information. We work with local and international entrepreneurs and companies who are interested in helping other entrepreneurs and businesses in setting up a company and growing their business in Asia.

Asia Business Formation is a non-profit community service project, started in 2000 and dedicated to providing the most advanced and effective business information to to Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) companies and businesses in Asia. We are market leaders in business content development.

Consumer demand for a wide rage of business information from one reliable content provider has transformed Asia Business Formation into a world-class business content provider. Our consumer driven approach has been instrumental in the introduction of exciting new content syndication and the constant evolution and enhancement of existing ones. Today Asia Business Formation is at the forefront of consumer driven business information delivery. Our interactive award winning website is an excellent source of information, guidance and statutory forms.

We a respected Asian and international company formation information provider and provides information for all the major offshore company jurisdictions. We also provide banking and merchant account information in all the international offshore financial centres. Our services are confidential and our privacy policy exceeds the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Our team consists of IT and Media experts, and international business professionals. Our members are the backbone of this non-profit information portal and have been instrumental in the portal’s success.

Our content include company formations, corporate and group structuring, nominee, registered office, & offshore business bank accounts and merchant information.

In addition to our Asia content portal and the popular UK central business industry portal content, we now provide a prestigious New York content portal full live 24 hour content monitoring facilities. This service will allow our readers who do business in the United States to make the right impression whist saving hugely on research time and communication costs.

During the past 18 months our Feed The Hungry Programme (Community Service Responsibility Programme) has enjoyed universal aclaim. We have helped ToFeed.org generate 130,000 new users. Every search that is made through ToFeed.org, sponsors donate $0.10 to organisations like Unicef.org.

Asia Business Formation is the ideal one stop content portal for anyone seeking to establish or grow a business. From our award winning web design to our branding and CSR Programmes we seek to provide our readers with the highest quality of business-related content.




How we manage our funds

Asia Business Formation does not pay any monies to the content team and technical development team that develops and maintains the portal.

All team members contribute their time as a personal community service effort.

All funds are used to pay for the server farm that hosts the portal.

With an average of 100,000+ readers per day and over 10 terabytes of portal data, the portal currently requires 200 web and database servers, mirroring servers and backup servers, and 50 T1 lines to run optimally.

The monthly datacenter cost currently stands at $400,000 per month.

Recommended Notes

Our Philosophy

Our CSR mission is to deliver superior value to all our readers' requirements, provide the highest quality of content, show dignity and compassion toward those we serve, and promote teamwork and accountability among our team members.

We believe in transparent and appropriate use of funds to operate the portal only, while maintaining highest standards of service excellence and speed of delivery.

Our technical team has extensive prior experience in rendering professional services industry in North America, Europe, and Asia.  We are actively involved with community and volunteering services in Asia.

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